Four Ways a Healthy Smile Can Help a Child Succeed

As a parent, I know how important it is to see your child smile fully, proudly showing off his or her beautiful teeth. A healthy and confident smile not only bolsters the self-esteem and confidence in a child, but it can have a long-lasting impact, affecting overall success in life. I have seen how having a healthy smile can affect a child or teen, and so it pleases me when a parent comes to my office looking to make his or her child’s smile healthy and beautiful. Here are four ways your child’s smile will help him or her succeed.

Healthy Smiles Improve Self-Confidence

Studies have shown that a person’s physical appearance – everything from hair and clothing style down to height and weight – can have either a negative or positive effect on that person. Every mother and father wants what’s best for his or her child. They want their children to be confident and secure, because these two traits have been linked to happiness and success in life. I have helped thousands of patients by fixing their smile imperfections created by crooked teeth or gaps.  I have seen firsthand how correcting these imperfections   helped eliminate teasing and bullying and established good healthy habits that resulted in aconfident smile. Just simply smiling can elevate happiness, which improves self-confidence. Being able to smile fully is the first step in gaining more confidence and being happy with oneself, leading to later success in life.

A Beautiful Smile Leaves a Lasting Impression

According to the “Smile Survey” published in the PR Newswire, first impressions are everything, and the majority of people notice a smiling person first. This means that the smile, and consequently the teeth, leaves a lasting impression – for better or for worse. In the study, the people with straight teeth and a confident smile were thought of as looking and being more professional, dependable, and trustworthy than those with crooked teeth or a closed-lip smile. A healthy smile in a first impression shows responsibility and care for oneself. These first impressions could make the difference between a new job offer and a stagnant career. Being able to create the best first impression one could give also helps alleviate stress, bolstering confidence and overall happiness in life.

A Healthy Smile Equals a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many reasons to want a beautiful and healthy smile, and having good oral hygiene is among those reasons. According to Colgate Professionals, studies have shown that those with good oral hygiene also had a healthy lifestyle, which reduced the chance for diabetes, heart complications, and other health problems. I have been an orthodontist for nearly 16 years, and I know how hard it is for patients to find the motivation to have good oral hygiene if there’s no pride in the smile. Having a healthy smile can be the motivation to take care of teeth for a lasting smile and overall healthy lifestyle.

Something to Smile About

A person’s smile says a lot about them, letting them fully express themselves to the outside world. It makes them warm and inviting. These traits help make acquaintances in life that can increase career success or make friends that will be the necessary support in reaching life goals. It’s quite common to hide a beautiful smile behind closed lips because of gaps and crooked teeth. A closed-lip smile gives the impression of being closed off, cold, and uninviting, which can affect social relationships. How a person acts in social engagements can help or hinder success as it can lead to job offers, life-changing opportunities, or a future family.

Your Child Deserves a Confident Smile

Every parent wants what’s best for his or her child. As a mother, I know how important happiness is in a child’s life, and as an orthodontist, I’ve seen how a proud, healthy smile affects confidence and happiness in a child. Seeking an orthodontist to improve a child’s teeth can not only improve their smile, but also improve their self-confidence and success in the future.