Show the world your smile, not your braces.

You want a beautiful straight smile. You don't want anyone to see your braces, and you don't want your lifestyle interrupted by having to remove aligners every time you eat or drink. Harmony Digital Braces eliminate these issues and deliver a stress-free solution for a beautiful smile.

Why Harmony?

  • Harmony works just like regular braces, except no one will see them. Harmony is small, smooth, and seamlessly fits onto the back of your teeth.
  • Orthodontist visits are quick and easy since Harmony uses a clip instead of elastic ties to hold your wire in place.
  • Harmony is digitally customized just for you, so treatment is precise, efficient, and as comfortable as possible.
  • Harmony works with even the most complicated orthodontic cases. And Harmony is ALWAYS working to create your perfect smile.

And most of all...Goldenberg Orthodontics is the ONLY orthodontic office in the area that can offer you Harmony!